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Iryna Storozhuk
Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.   

Height: 57
Weight: 107 lbs
Measurements: 32B-23-33
Dress size: 0/2
Shoe size: 7.5
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Long
Skin color: White

High fashion/Editorial print, Catalog, Runway, Showroom, Commercial, etc

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Skills: dancing, acting, styling, Make up Artistry

Photographers credits:
Laura Tillinghast  (lauratillinghast.com)
Pascal Petit  (pascalcharlespetit.com)
Alwin Thompson  (alartz.com)
Lisa Lee  (alluringfaces.com)
Darryl Nobles  (dreamfocusphotography.com)
Mohammad Dadullah  ( modelmayhem.com - # 262625)
Gio Morales  (giomorales.com)
Eduardo Garcia  (modelmayhem.com # 63991)

Video Credits: GlassWorks Productions Inc.


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Iryna Storozhuk

I am Ukrainian! I have been modeling in Europe, Middle East, USA.
(High fashion/Editorial print, Catalog, Runway, Showroom, Commercial, etc.)

* National Geographic Adventure Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Complexion Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Revenge Fashion Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Urban Mainstream Magazine ~ teer sheet
* NotaMagUzeen Magazine ~ teer sheets
* Latin Flow 302 Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Dimes Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Next Model Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Perfect Pose Magazine ~ teer sheet
* Break.com entertainment channel ~ teer sheet
* Apple .Mac ~ stock
* American Revolution Fight League ~ ad campaign
* S&K collection ~ ad campaign (catalog, cover, posters)
* Aventura Limousine ~ ad campaign
* Kaos designs ~ catalog
* Espiral lingerie ~ catalog
* Brandy Pham ~ catalog
* Nuria Carrasco Design ~ catalog
* Jhats ~ party hats catalog
* The Ear Vine ~ catalog
* Swetlana Telichko beauty design ~ catalog, poster
* Bessarabia bike calendar 2006 ~ calendar
* My bed by Andres Hernandez ~ book
* Tye Studios ~ poster

* Eva Danielle
* Azucar
* Carmelita Couture
* Brandy Pham
* Rock Bands
* Belinda's Designs Couture
* Vivian Vo
* Favala Designs
* Lu Ann & Rosemarie
* Harper Walker

* Chanel
* Eva Danielle
* ICO uniforms
* Raw Wear boutique

* Discount Watch store commercial ~ lead, costumer; 02 MEDIA
* IA Live ~ model, tv show by Mckinley Pierre
* CBS 4 / Trafik Trade show ~ model, CBS 4 news with Lisa Petrillo
* Barena beer ~ dancer, In&Outshoots USA, Iluminafilms
* Sevas Wheels ~ lead, GlassWorks Productions, Inc http://www.glassworksproductions.com/videos/list/marketing/1.html
* Wrigley Chew Gum ~ dancer

* Samsung-Italy VIP party ~ spokemodel / co-host
* BBandT bank Nikki Beach night ~ spokemodel / co-host
* Miami meets Marrakech event ~ host
* French Tuesdays ~ hostess

Other credits & experience...
* 5 years of modeling
* diploma of International Scarlett model school ~ www.scarlettmodels.com

* Skills: dancing, acting, styling, Make up Artistry
* Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English

I was born at May 22, 1985 in Izmail town, at the south of Ukraine in the engineer's family, parents was always at work, i read a lot, did sport. Finished courses of painting, knitting, dancing, English language. Graduated first time as the operator of personal computer (1999). Started to work from 12 as the advertisement manager an the school night club. Miss School 2000, 2001, 2002 years. Winners of the region competition in categories..."best article" and "best poem" (2002). First love...beautiful relationship with the Mister School 2000.

Left home at 16 and went to study accountant and audit at the Odessa National Polytechnic University in Odessa city. I were selling flowers at the night club at the weekends. Won the Nivea's competition as the best article about "Nivea costumer"(2003). Finished International Model School "Scarlett" at 18. Started to work as a model in Ukraine and Turkey. Become office-manager, manager and general manager at the Real Estate company in Odessa in 8 months (2005). Opened my own Marriage agency at 2006. Started to travel...Cyprus, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Turkey. Finished university year earlier with high marks. Got engage 3 times...never got married!

I love to read Friedrich Nietzsche and Erich Maria Remarque. Love to listen music of Antonio Vivaldi. My heroes are Lou Andreas-Salome, The Count of Monte Cristo and my father. I met a lot of great people all over the world. Moved to USA, Miami...i am doing modeling, building the fundament for my own family, writing articles for Ukrainian newspapers about great opportunities in America.