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Interview with
Iryna Storozhuk       Iryna's Portfolio

1.) What got you started in the business?
Fashion! Fashion is my passion! Modeling is the way to be the Fashion!

2.) What are some of your goals?
Everything will be ok! Just think positive!

3.) What are some challenges you face?
Time! I have a lot of plans! More that for one life to do!

4.) Give us some insight into some things you have experienced in the business?
Not professionalism! A lot of people just stated in this business and there are always a lot of problems and misunderstanding with photographers, designers and agents.

5.) Describe in detail any of the projects, jobs or celebrity work you have done?
I had a lot of great projects during my 5 years of modeling! The most favorite ones are showroom for “Chanel”, hosting the “Samsung” CEO’s party, photo shoot for “Apple”.

6.) Why did you agree to interview with Urban Mainstream magazine?
Urban Mainstream magazine is growing great! And the mane thing this is the magazine about my passion! Urban Mainstream is all about the fashion!

7.) Are you on Myspace? if so what's your Myspace page address?

8.) What are some Do's and Don'ts in the business that you have learned?
Never say never! Make friends!

9.) How do you network or build your name for exposure?
I am in very good relationship with my agent and with my photographers, with make up artists and hair stylists, designers and wardrobe stylists! Humble personality I show – more work I get proposed!

10.) Is there anything we did not ask that you would like to say to our readers?
Never give up to you dreams! Everything is possible!

Thank you! Iryna Storozhuk

Interview with Urban Mainstream magazine