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Sarah Smit
Sydney, Australia

Height: 1,78m
Weight: 53kilo
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 63cm
Hips: 89cm
Shoe size: 40
Dress size: 34/36
Eye colour: Green-Brown
Hair colour: Dark Blonde

Photo Credits: Sarah Smit


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Sarah Smit
Im Sarah, born at 1988 and originally from The Netherlands, Amsterdam.
Ive been travelling for most of the past 4 years; ive lived and worked in Sweden, Crete and at the moment Im driving around in Australia and try to combine that with doing as many shoots and jobs as I can. I dont know where Ill go after this but for the first time in my life Im gonna give modelling a real shot, so it will have to be in a place with a big fashion industry. Think: LA, Paris, Milan, etc.
I have a little brother and sister who both live in the Netherlands and together with my closest friends they are the ones I miss most when Im away, but I seem to be addicted to moving around ;) The world is my home and Im ready to grow.

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