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Megan Colley
Philadelphia, PA, USA.   

Height: 5' 91/2
Size: 4/6'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Brown'
Bust: 34 B/C
Waist: 26''
Hips: 36''
Shoe: 81/2

Photo Credits:
Abbe Foreman, Joe Kelly, ClaytonNelson,
Meg Urbani, Luigi Ciufetelli, Peter Mellekas,
Serena Star, Roberto Ligresti, Roberto Ligresti

Video Credits: YouTube LLC.
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Megan Colley

Megan Leigh Colley was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1985. Throughout her life she has, like many people, experienced many highs and many lows which have made her into the young woman so many know and love today. Throughout her youth, Megan had her sights set on becoming a doctor. She wanted to help people in some way; she wanted to be someone that people valued. However, deep inside, Megan always harbored dreams of becoming a model/singer/writer. These were always her passions, but insecurities held them at bay as she went through the years.

Then, at the age of 15, Megan was faced with a life experience that no one would have ever expected; Megan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, in the spring of 2001, doctors performed the surgery that would change her life forever. When she woke from anesthesia, her eyes were truly opened and she adopted an attitude about the world that still resounds in every action carried out in her life to this day. No longer was she afraid.

In the winter of 2005, Megan finally began to pursue her dreams. She signed up for classes at the John Robert Powers School of Modeling and Acting in Philadelphia and immersed herself in everything that the industry had to offer. In April of 2006, Megan attended the MAAI Convention in New York City. At this convention, Megan participated in swimsuit, runway, print, monologue performance, soap opera acting, singing, and voice over competitions, in front of hundreds of her peers and agents. At the end of the convention, Megan took home 5 awards: She placed first in her category in the monologue competition and 1st runner up in the print, soap opera acting, singing, and runway competitions. This fueled her to further pursue her goals. She was now more determined than ever to achieve her goals.

Megan took the next step. She began to meet with agencies in NYC and Philadelphia, even Germany. In June of 2006, Megan was asked to join the pool of professional models at The Reinhard Agency. It was finally happening! Megan attended her first casting at The Reinhard Agency that same month. It was for The Great Bridal Expo, a national tour that travels from city to city each weekend, all across America. This was her chance to really gain experience in the industry. She nervously attended her first casting ever; she booked the job. Megan is now currently touring with the Expo for her second season, the conclusion of which is in the beginning of May, 2007.

However, this did not happen for Megan overnight. It only came from working every day harder than the last. Megan has heard everything from, “You are too fat” to “You’re never going to amount to anything”, and in those moments, this 21 year old smiled and thanked those for their criticism. For it pushed her more than anything else. In those moments, she decided, there was nothing left to do but prove them WRONG.

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