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Los Angeles, California, U.S.A   

Height: 5'8"
Measurements: 34-24-34
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Green
Shoe size: 8

Photo credits: Jillian Ann

Video credits:
Confess, Jillian Ann
YouTube LLC.


E-mail to : Jillian

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Actress/ Singer / Model

Astaro Clothing (US) Campaign
Audio Vox Campaign
FILLES : CLIN D'OEIL(French) Editorial
The Serpent Editorial
Metro News Paper (US) Editorial
Bonita Campaign
Dirty by Anthony Defranco Campaign
Pig Magazine
Jay Mccarroll - editorial
MIT Technology Review -cover and 14 page feature
Media Plus Magazine -- Cover and Feature
SOMA Magazine
Midwest Beat
Amplifier Magazine
Outburn Magazine
Photographic Magazine
Photo Magazine
YRB Magazine
Lament Catalogue
L'Oreal Editorial beauty (Milan, IT)
Vintage, Ad Campaign/Editorial (Milan, IT)
Lunatica By Linfleur, Catalogue (Milan, IT)
Shutterbug Magizine
KA Jani, Look Book
Chanel Beauty, Editorial
Select Magazine
Modern Salon, Editorial
The Scene, Cover
Toni and Guy, Ad Campaign (UK)
Total Coverage (US)
Jokers Wild, Ad Campaign (US)
Colin Turner, Ad Campaign (US)
Jezebel Magazine, (US)
Fi Fi Mayhons (US)
Big Magazine, Editorial (US)
Garo Sparo, Fashion Story (New York, NY)
Salon Magazine editorial ( New York, NY)Photographers, Fashion
Runway Credits/Experience
Diva Mode Fashion Show / Blue / Colin Turner / Jokers Wild / Versace / BeBe /Toni and Guy /Paul Mitchell / Wella / Wayne Van Nugyen / Wish / Fusion / Blue Peacock

"Portrait" Lead "Julia" Directed by Fabrice Grange
"The Chauffeur"For Sleepthief Music Video
'Once Upon A Time In New York" Lead Directed by Fabrice Grange
'Onion Underwater"Techno Dancer Directed by Paul Yates / AFI
"Futbaal: The Price of Dreams” Bartender Traveling Show Productions Directed by Eric Labale
"Lift Me Higher "Moby Principle/Feature/ Production Bungalow 7/ Mute Records 2005
"Nintendo Commercial for Japanese Market " Dancer/Rockstar Hideoko Productions
"Life in Motion" Lead Autobiographical Filmed by Jillian Ann; Produced by Jillian Ann and Glenn McAlpine (www.LodgerProductions.com)
"Coming of Age" Maria, Lead Female Directed by Michael Watson
"The Last Way" Girl in Cafe Punk Directed by Austin Redding
"The Donkey Show" Dancer Off Broadway Production (dancer)
"The Best Christmas Pageant ever" Lead Beth Bradley Theater

Discography Albums & Singles
Punk Meditations Produced and Written by Jillian Ann (Digital Angel Records)
Everything Else Produced and Written by Jillian Ann (Digital Angel Records)
Know Us remixed by Federico Epis released by Bellarine Recordings
King Of Solitude Produced by Jillian Ann/Andres Karu Executive Produced by Meredith Chinn and Mixed by John O
Prisons Produced by Jillian Ann/Andres Karu Executive Produced by Meredith Chinn and Mixed by John O
Love From Nothing Produced by Alexander perls
City Lights Produced by Chris Young
French Kiss Produced by DJDL( Eyezcream Records)
The Fallen Performed by Jillian Ann; written and produced by Jillian Ann and David S, Kirby (Mental Sanctuary Records)
Elucido Beta Performed by Jillian Ann; written and produced by Jillian Ann and David S. Kirby (Mental Sanctuary Records)
Lost (single) Performed by Jillian Ann; written and produced by Jillian Ann and David S. Kirby (Mental Sanctuary Records)
Neverland Written and Performed by Jillian Ann; produced by Jillian Ann and David S. Kirby (Emperor Penguin Recordings)
Moab Written, Performed and Produced by Jillian Ann and Sage
Eden Written, Performed and Produced by Jillian Ann and Purity Control
(Mental Sanctuary Records)
Soul Rebels, a multi media sound/visual project produced by Larry Carlson
Have we, Love you, for an album by Joshua Gabriel, Produced by Zack Orion
"Cold", to be released through Metropolis Records/ BLC productions
"Sunlight" (featuring Jillian Ann), single produced by Sean A. Fenn
"in the flesh" encryption ( digital hardcore )
"Have No Fear," single produced by David Abraham

"Prince & The Pauper" Bonus CD Featuring King Of Solitude by Jillian Ann Sony Pictures & Sony/BMG Music
“Gargoyle 52” (Compilation) featuring Ministry by Jillian Ann
“Spotless” By James Anthony Kelsey Featuring Inside out, Vapour, and Never Enough by Jillian Ann
“Protesters” Music By Jillian Ann
"Lost," a short film produced by Invisible Productions, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"Season of the Hunted," a feature film produced by Alexis Entertainment, Inc., New York, New York HBO
"Voodoo Warriors," a feature film produced by Purgatory Blues, L.L.C., Fort Lee, New Jersey
"Spotless," a feature film produced by Downside Productions, Denver, Colorado
"Kliq Diva," a feature film produced by Cannon Romanticism Entertainment, Skillman, New Jersey

Below is a list of shows I have performed at in the last year.
Harmony Festival - California
Sonic Bloom - Winter Park Colorado
Summer Circus - Oregon
Ultra Music Festival- Miami Florida - Featured Guest with Kevens
Gladstone Hotel -Toronto Canada - Jillian Ann
The Roosevelt Tavern - The Ski Tour- Sun Valley ID - Jillian Ann
Salt Creek-The Ski Tour - Breckenridge CA- Jillian Ann
The Boulder Theater - Boulder CO - Liberation Movement
Sean Paul Vip Party- The Ski Tour- Aspen Co - Jillian Ann
Beats for Peace @ 1015 Folsom - San Francisco CA- Liberation Movement
Zenbu Lounge- The Ski Tour- Squaw Valley - Jillian Ann
The Ski Tour Ice Breaker Vip Party - Tahoe CO- Jillian Ann
Vessel - San Francisco CA- Liberation Movement
Spectra Ball@The Regency Center - San Francisco CA- Liberation Movement
Trilogy Lounge- Boulder CO- Liberation Movement
Sebastopol Brewery - Sebastopol CA - Liberation Movement
Groove Garden - Fairfax CA- Liberation Movement
How Weird Street Fair - San Francisco CA- Liberation Movement
Reggae Rising - Humbolt CA- With Heavyweight Dub Champion /Liberation Movement
Northwest Reggae - Eugene Oregon - Heavyweight Dub Champion/Liberation Movement
Shambala -Nelson, British Columbia Canada- HDC/Liberation Movement
MEZZANINE-Power To The Peaceful-San Francisco-HDC/Liberation Movement
Earthdance-- Diner Divine -Laytonville CA -Liberation Movement
Earthdance- Taj Mahal Laytonville CA -Liberation Movement
Earthdance - Main Stage - HDC
Symbiosis Gatherings -Northern California- -Liberation Movement
Trilogy Lounge - Boulder, Colorado -Heavyweight Dub Champion
Trilogy Lounge - Boulder, Colorado -Heavyweight Dub Champion
Trilogy Lounge - Boulder, Colorado -Liberation Movement
Cervantes Ballroom, Denver Colorado - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Monks- Salt Lake City,Utah - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Whiskey Jacks - Ketchum (Sun Valley) Idaho - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Neurolux -Boise Idaho - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Porterhouses Avalaunch - Missoula MT - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Porterhouses Avalaunch - Jackson Hole Wyoming -Heavyweight Dub Champion
Zenbu Lounge - Squaw Valley California - Bozeman, Montana
The Green Room - Reno Nevada - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Trilogy Lounge - Boulder Co - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Zebra Cocktail Lounge -Bozeman, Montana - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Whiskey Jacques - Ketchum Idaho - Heavyweight Dub Champion
The Knotty Pine - Victor, Jackson Idaho - Heavyweight Dub Champion
Club Six- San Francisco California- Heavyweight Dub Champion


Featuring Jillian Ann (www.JillianAnn.com)l
Produced by Jillian Ann and Glenn McAlpine
Directed by Glenn McAlpine (www.LodgerProductions.com)
Featuring Jillian Ann (www.JillianAnn.com) and Gina Gurtner
Written, Choreographed, Costumes, and Makeup by Jillian Ann
Co-Produced & Co-Directed by Jillian Ann and Glenn McAlpine (www.LodgerProductions.com)

Global Entertainment and Media Summit Panelist (Artists in a Digital Age),
Woodside Elementary School, River Vale, New Jersey

Kevens, New York, New York
Fusion Nightclub, Atlanta Georgia
Tounge and Groove, Atlanta Georgia
Chilli Pepper, Atlanta Georgia
Nomenclature, Atlanta Georgia
Backstreet, Atlanta Georgia,
Limelight, New York, New York
Crobar, New York, New York

Craig Derry, New York, New York present
Badiene Magaziner, New York, December 2002 to present
Producing/Arranging 2002, David Kirby
Voice 2002 to present, Badiene Magaziner
Voice 2002 to present, Hope Reyes
Piano, Classical 1993-1997, Abby Keller
Vocals 1994-1998, Judy Dodd
Vocals 1994-1998, Paul Durgin
Theater Training, Atlanta Theater Company, 1995-1998
Ballet, Atlanta Dance Company 1993-1996
Tap, Atlanta Dance Company 1993-1996
HB Studios, Summer 2003

Grammy Award pre-nomination in Best New Artist category by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
Feature in MIT Tecnology Review and Cover
Featured on MSN Just enough TV
Neverland Radio Airplay:
XM Satellite Radio
WEXP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WERG, Erie, Pennsylvania
WCRX, Chicago, Illinois
OneKindRadio.com Chicago, Illinois
WCH Radio - The Wave www.wchradio.i8.com
Tempus Temper Internet Radio
Side-Line Music Magazine
Media Plus Magazine
Outburn Magazine
Amplifier Magazine

Copyrighted media - All rights reserved.
Thank you for all of your support, below is some of the information to learn more about me. I have been doing music independently since I was 18. I have used modeling and acting to fund my music and own everything I create. Currently I am working on my solo Project as well as " Liberation Movement" . Punk Meditation as well as Prison 'Remixes " will be coming out in 2007. You can purchase my past albums on Itunes as well as my website, each time you buy my work off itunes, my website or anywhere you help me continue the creation process. I also will be listing my live shows below and I write a good bit in my blog as well as create video blogs, I believe in keeping in touch through digital media and am excited about my ability to communicate with you directly. I hope you stay tuned for the show and keep in touch. Jillian Ann

Jillian Ann is an intoxicating blend of style and creativity. She is the manifold embodiment of talent and the epitome of free spirited, sublime ambition. Shes the cover of your magazine, the one you stare at on the street, the beautiful umbrella in your expensive drink, the electrifying digital girl of page, stage, and screen, one woman anti e to an analog world. Determined and resourceful, street wise and innovative, Jillian Ann and her unique music is the astonishing center of our attention.

Jillians voice is naturally angelic and mirrors her inner and outer grace. As an accomplished recording artist, her creativity matches her complex musicianship. This is unmistakably evident listening to each of her three current releases.

In 2003, Jillian truly came into her own as a singer, songwriter and producer with Neverland, Jillians first release with independent label, Emperor Penguin. The album received enthusiastic response, even garnering her a pre-Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category in 2003 by the Recording Academy.

Jillian has an uncanny habit of drawing opportunity,. such as an invitation to perform at one of the most prestigious events on the musical planet. Jillian performs as a special featured guest of Kevens at the 2006 Ultra Festival. Kevens headlines the event alongside The Killers, Prodigy, Paul Oakenfold, Car Cox, Danny Tenaglia, JunkieXL, HOTHOTHEAT, Danny Howell, BT, Pete Tong, Josh Wink and Perry Farrell, to name a few.

Jillian Anns work ethic is truly awesome. She is releasing her fourth album this year, itself an audacious progression in her development as an artist, adding to her already impressive recorded library of over 240 original songs. As a child of the internet, Jillian is extremely active promoting her music on profiles, recently ranked in the top twenty in the electronica genre, though a listen to any of her latest work makes clear that she defies any easy categorization. Not so surprisingly, but impressive to be sure, Jillians website http://jillianann.com/ ranks in the top 100,000-200,000 on the web receiving 3 million or more hits a month. Take a visit get intoxicated!

"Combining high-tech with high artistry, Jillian Ann is a web icon and model who has gained international acclaim as one of the Internet age's most successful indie musicians. Her last album release generated more then 50 million search requests on the P2P networks, and her 2007 album release promises to establish her as one of the 21st Century's most Innovative acts." - Bravo Entertainment

"I like to give the audience a feeling of empowerment while expressing the ability to confront preconceived notions, defined parameters, contrived obstacles and offer a musically creative example of how energy can be used to overcome, liberate and persevere" - Jillian Ann

Jillian Ann has shared billing with Sean Paul, The Wailers, George Clinton, Gomez, DJ Logic, Hinder, Three Days Grace, Mad Professor, BT, Tommy Lee, DJ Areo, Elan, Swollen Members, The Wailers, Michael Franti& SpearHead,Wisdom and Blackalicious

New York City, NY -2007 - Web icon,model and Indie musician, Jillian Ann Jillian Ann has gained international acclaim as an independent musician, her last album Neverland release generated more than 50 million search requests in 9 months on P2P networks, according to the DCIA. Jillian Ann, who was a feature performer at the 2006 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, sharing the stage with Kevens, the Killers, and Hot Hot Heat.

Jillian Ann's back catalog includes Four albums; Beta, Fallen, NeverLand and Eden.

Jillian Ann's music is a mixture of soothing girlish vocals with alternative, trip-hop, ambient,down tempo, and electronic music. How ever you classify it, her fans can't get enough. As reported by the FTC, her last official release of six tracks generated over 20 million impressions in the first two weeks alone. Her music has been in the top 20 in the electronic charts on for several months, which has attracted the attention of artists, fans and labels alike. Jillian Ann live vocal performances includes several formats;Live PA blending machines with live instruments, with DJ, and acoustic- vocals with grand piano. Jillian Ann recently joined forces with Resurrector from Heavyweight Dub Champion to create "Liberation Movement". They are currently working on there debut album as well as playing select gigs. Jillian is also about to release Punk Meditations an album she created to meditate and create to.

"Jillian is incredible, like a colorful songbird, sitting on a rickety branch, in the middle of all the seasons at once. Frankenstein meets Bjork. A psychotic Tori Amos." -David Paul Wyatt Perko, MediaPlus Magazine

"While she seems to have been compared with artists like Sopor Aeternus, Portishead I would link some of her influences with Bjork! I just feel the same fascination to explore the limits of different styles and create an own sound. That sound combines neo-classical elements together with pop refinement while her vocals are also evoking the whispering style of Bj..rk. This is an encouraging production that certainly deserves some attention!" –Side Line Magazine