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Jeanette Eng
West New York, New Jersey, USA.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120
Chest: 34
Waist: 27
Hips: 36
Dress: 2
Pants: 2
Shirt: S

Photo Credits:
Tuan Le Soleil, Allen Martin, Randy Tay,
Brian Ramanth, Tony Yang, Scott Clinton,
JB-Photographie, Fashion Institute of Tech.


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Jeanette Eng
Originally bred from a background and love for writing, Jeanette has dynamically parlayed these skills into an exciting television career. Her hosting credits include shows on the Discovery Channel, NYC-TV, and Fashion TV, just to name a few.

A very pleasant surprise for Jeanette, in addition, has been the branching off of her career into acting and modeling. She has lent her likeness to pharmaceutical ads, Comedy Central pilots, and Good Morning America. "Not bad for someone who's first on-screen appearance was as her church's reporter, huh?!"

Jeanette never anticipated attracting such a wide array of experiences. She never imagined that she could be interviewing Anthony Hopkins or filming in Iceland! She never entertained the notion that a 5'2", A-cup woman could ever model! She never fathomed that she could be considered for acting!

Her position today has always been a dream of Jeanette's, despite the fact that she fought this pie-in-the-sky dream for years! After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Media, Jeanette reported for a local paper, covering town meetings and school closings. She couldn't deny that it wasn't for her, however, and soon left hungry to explore other paths. "I remember writing a story on a local actor and thinking to myself, 'I don't want to be writing about him, I want to be him!'"

When she finally decided to pursue her television dreams, Jeanette harnessed the support of AAJA, the Asian-American Journalists Association. She networked and navigated her way into freelance positions with New York's Daily News, ImaginAsian Radio, and the Journey Church of New York. She began with a homemade reel and now has a slew of agents.

It has been far from an easy path for "Miss Supahstah," however, and Jeanette now truly understands the coined phrase, "struggling actor!" The extreme highs and lows of the entertainment business have sometimes managed to get the best of her, but her stubborn disposition has also managed to forge ahead. "I've been thrown many life lines and am constantly reminded of the angels that surround me."

Jeanette is has gotten used to rediscovering herself with each successful project and hopeful audition. "I've found myself in situations that I could have never predicted and have learned to 'never say never!'" Jeanette hasn't the slightest as to what path her career will take, but does trust her gut to lead her the right way and has the utmost faith that God will never burden her with more than she can handle.