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Isabella David
New York, NY, USA.    

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Measurements: 34C-24-35
Eye color: Blue-Green
Hair color: Dark Brown
Fair skin, clear
No tattoos or piercings

Agency Credits:
Ann Wright Representatives ,
Model Service Agency,
Prestige Models

Photo Credits:
Aaron Kinney, Jonathan, Swhnyc,
Lugo Photography

Makeup and Hair:
Christie Lee


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Isabella David
Model, actress (SAG)
New York Theater Experience:                        

Dinner For Four                                                           Erin, Lead                                       PharePlay Prod, Roland Urici, dir.
Wonder Woman Did It In Heels                                    Gastronoma                                     PharePlay Prod, Melissa Nocera,dir.
Dark of the Moon                                                         Fair Witch                                         PharePlay Prod, Blake Bradford, dir.
Artist Vs. Landlord                                                        Karma Galore, Lead                        NYArtists Unltmd,Melba LaRose, dir.
Suicide Machines (Staged Rdg)                                  Violet Goldstein                                 KNF, Molly Marinik, dir.
Dysfunctional Sandwich                                               Ensemble Cast                                The MCTC, Ann Bowen, dir.
Sex, Lies, and Sometimes Love                                   Ensemble Cast                                The MCTC, Michael Horn, dir.
Open Face (Staged Rdg)                                             Sister Soledad, Lead                      PrayForHer Prod, Felipe Dieppa, dir.
Try This                                                                       One, Lead                                      TSI Playtime Series, Lindsey Carr, dir
Serpent Song                                                              Mother Milkskin                                  Funes Memory Co, Josh Adler, dir.

Regional Theater Experience:

The Man of Mode                                                  Harriet Woodvill, Lead                            UVA RLC, John O’Brien, dir.
The Vagina Monologues                                      “The Vagina Workshop”                          WLSO, Krystal High, dir.
The Vagina Monologues                                     “Under the Burqua”                                 WLSO, Jill DiLaura, dir.
Uncomfortably Close to You The Musical             Carol Carpeter, Lead                              Crested Butte MT, Kathleen Mary, dir.
Off-Vaudeville                                                       Joan Baez, Magician’s Asst.                    Crested Butte MT, Kathleen Mary, dir.
The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet                                    Hamlet, Lead                                           Albemarle Players, K. Massie, dir.

Film & TV Experience

Life on Mars                                                      Cocktail Waitress, Featured                      ABC, episode 9, season 1
Stags                                                                   The Lead Inspector, Principal                Ben Barenholz, prod., Jamie Greenberg, dir.
Brooklyn’s Finest                                                 Sarie's Friend, Principal                         Antoine Fuqua, dir.
Lymelife                                                               Covergirl, Principal                                 Scorsese, prod. Derrick Martini, dir.
Wsmco.com/show.apx                                         Host                                                         MSN Money, Douglas T. Estadt, prod.
Faust (Animated Feature)                                   Gretchen, Lead                                        Mile Square Pictures, Jay Marks, dir.
Poker Face                                                        Amy                                                         AlternativeMindz.com, R.Greenwood,dir.
Flight of the Conchords                                      Miss France, Featured                             HBO, James Bobin, dir.
Music Video for Common Thrill                          Suzie, Lead                                              Piff Pictures, John Beder, dir.
Send in the Chefs Pilot                                     Céline (Fr.Judge), Lead                           Taste This TV Prod, Jo Ciminera, dir.
Normal Bob Smith Pilot                                     Izzy, Lead                                               KPI Prod., Malena Negrao, dir.
Pardon My French                                           Geneviève                                                Veras Films, James Perkins, dir.
What Really Frightens You?                             Sarah Greer                                              New Wave Films, Rich Haines, dir.
The Narrows                                                   Russian Model, Featured                           DreamWorks, François Velle, dir.
The Dinner Game                                            Jenny                                                           NYU, Yvonne Yu, dir.
Ester’s                                                              Sarah, Lead                                                 NYU, Signe Simone, dir.

American Globe Theater Conservatory:    John Basil
Actors’ Movement Studio Intensive Conservatory Program:       Janice Orlandi
Jazz and Opera Training:            Ingrid Von Stetten, Stephanie Nakasian, Dawn D’Earth
Live Arts Theatre Intensive:   Carol Pederson
University of Virginia  :         B.A. with honors in Comparative Literature and Drama

Voice: Mezzo/Belt/Mix,
Languages: French (dual citizen), German, Spanish 
: French, Russian, Southern, Valley Girl, RP, New Yawk 
Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Yoga  
: Classical Piano, Guitar

Copyrighted media - Duplicate, edit or retouch this picture is strictly prohibited.