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All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. Why you decide to become a model and how did you start?
I always loved the camera. I have photo shoots from when was 3 years old posing.

How has your life changed after you got involved in modeling?
I have a stronger relationship with my family. I'm so thankful for their support. My grandmother saw some of my swimsuit shots and wouldn't give them back, she framed them. How many grandmothers do that unless your two years old? Awesome.

Who are your influences?
Sophia Loren, my mother, and people that see the glass as half full.

What was the hardest challenge for you?
Making time for everything that I want to do. I'm a very motivated person and I want to try just about everything at least once.
What is your favorite part about being a modeling? 
Traveling, meeting new people. Working with a designer that put their heart into a their line and bringing it to life is priceless.

What types of assignments are you attracted most? 
I enjoy doing something different every day. One day it's a runway show for Fashion Week, the next it's an Advertising Campaign for couture gowns, and another its swimwear and lingerie. I feel sexiest in a nice pair of jeans.

What are your most memorable modeling experiences?
I love French Connection, they really have some great pieces. So when I walked for them at Fashion Week that was exciting. Also, I just did an Ad Campaign for Denimocracy Jeans. They rented out the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel and one of the shots was in an elevator. You'll have to wait to see the ad when it comes out, but it was really cool.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.
What would bring a smile to your face?
I was doing a shoot on the beach in Santa Barbara and a little girl ran up to me and gave me a small rock from the ocean. It was sweet. I still have it for good luck.

What would be your "dream job" in life?
I'm so lucky to say that I'm doing it!

What's the best advice ever given to you?
Love your body, it's the only one you have.

What are some Do's and Don'ts in the business that you have learned?
Be polite and don't let anyone push you to do something you don't agree with. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask, and trust your instincts.

What sort of tips or advice would you give somebody who is looking to modeling?
I believe being healthy is on top of the list. Being positive on set. It's much harder than most people think, it takes a lot of determination. Having an education is important and benefits all aspects of life. I'm on my last semester for my degree in Economics and it's a great feeling. Don't let people tell you you can't do something if you believe you can.

Thank you!  
We've enjoyed talking to you. J

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