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Dominik Burget
Prague, Czech Republic   

Height 6'2
Weight: 165 lbs
Suit Size 39
Shirt Size M /14-15
Waist 31
Inseam 33
Shoe 10,5 /EU 44
Hair Color dirty blond
Eyes Blue

Agency credit:
Talent Net - international mother agency

Photo credits:
Catherine Asanov, Kito Francheschin,
Eduardo Garcia, ChanStudio, MR Jeno,
Kelvin Bushan, Ty Xavier Weldom Photography,
Robert F. - Sublime Lightworks, Shamayim.net,
Racheal, Calvin Evans, Stu Haluski

Languages: English, Czech, German
Special skills: Photography, Soccer, Acting


E-mail to : Dominik Burget

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Dominik Burget

Welcome, my name is Dominik Burget, I am Czech pro model. I graduated from modeling school back Czech Rep. in 2001, when I was 15, but I started my modeling in the USA in 2008. In april, 2009, I moved back to Europe, Czech Republic, but I am willing to travel world-wide. I enjoy modeling the most, but I got a great passion for photography and now I work as an assistent photographer in Prague. I use Nikon D90. I love my friends and family and enjoy intelligent, honest, and straight-forward people.

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