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Charmain Moritz
Sydney, Australia   

Height: 5'7
Weight: 56kg

Fitness Sports Model
3rd State WNSO/ANB 2007
State Champion WNSO/ANB 2006
2nd Australian WNSO/ANB 2006
Fitpole Instructor
Aerobics Instructor
Personal Training
Make-up Artist


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Charmain Moritz

"Try not to live the same day twice, Life is so so precious so enjoy every moment " I am a mother of one, Telena aged 11. I am engaged to Warren Wessell who was and still is my inspiration, He showed me life and how to feel good about myself. With out meeting him i wouldn't be the person I am today.

I instruct Fitpole out in the western suburbs of Sydney which is new to the west, at Rileys gym.(from august) I have only been competing for the last 2 years, I love it, I find it's time for one self to really focus on yourself. good to be selfish in life a few times a years especially when you have family and friends supporting you all the way.

I am currently going through beauty courses so that in near future i can help people go into competing and to better there selves. I do promotional work through glamor promotions so that people can recognize who I am before I fly away to Canada next November..

Competition History
ANB 1 2006 state nsw first ever sports modeling through the federation
INBA 2 2006 state nsw
ANB 2 2006 Australian nationals
ANB 3 2007 state nsw (i tore my hamstring 6 weeks before competition but for myself to get out of a negative state I still competed, I just couldn't not compete so I was happy on my placing considering