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EMERGE At Any Age: It is Never Too Late
Art Exhibit & Reception
by Hana Gordon

Townhouse Art Gallery showcased works of art by Dina Nash, Esther Nash, Rachel H. Nash and the art of Edwarda.

During the reception Peter Dizozza performed original lyrics and musical excerpts from his composition "Mushroom Head" (cinemavii.com).

This reception was sponsored by Town House Art Gallery Inc and Tiger Strong martial arts center, 1521 York Avenue, NYC, www.tigerstrong.com.

Artist Dina Nash's message is Emerge at any age. It is never too late. Copies of her watercolor paintings are available for sale in hardcover and soft cover books on www.BarnesandNoble.com and www.Amazon.com.

Artist Esther Nash's statement: "The fashion warrior is about the pain women go through to be stylish even when wearing a uniform. My most recent work is a triangular piece, Title "Trashed". It has to do with not being square. It is a triangle and (3D) three dimensional. The same object can be perceived by one person as "treasure" and perceived by another person as "trash". It is important to be unique not a copy of everyone else. My work is conversational. In my opinion both fashion art are subjective. Esther Nash's books of art and memoirs are currently available for sale on www.BarnesandNoble.com and www.amazon.com Rachel H. Nash's three part series about Park Slope's most famous pub titled, "Landmark Pub" is available for sale at www.BarnesandNoble.com.

Art by Edwarda, her oil on canvas painting depicts a "Fearless dragon", this was created in response to Covid-19. Edwarda has numerous books of heart available for sale at www.BarnesandNoble.com and www.Amazon.com

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