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Marketa Belonoha
Prague, Czech Republic

Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 LB (50KG)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Bust: 70-75/B (34B)
Measurements: 84-57-86
Dress: 34-36 (4-6)
Shoes: 38-39 (8-9)

Photo Credits: Amy Dunn, Dan Howell,
Pirelli Swimwear, Mind Askew Project,
Thailand Swimmsuit Catalogue, Laurent Tschiegg
Nautical Angels Calendar, Maya Guezz
Video Credits: Greg Sino (Paris Agency), YouTube LLC.


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Marketa Belonoha
Model / Actress

I am a photo model currently represented in NYC, Miami and Milan. My photos appeared in many international publications incl. Maxim, MAX, FotoVideo or T3. The intense charge of work started to give me the opportunity to shoot the covers of magazines like T3, Top Class or Max and I was requested as official testimonial for campaigns like Henna Plus, Fabulous Italia, Fruscio, Laurent Tschiegg,... I recently approached to the cinema, so I just made my mainstream acting debut in the movie Deep Gold, an action thriller movie recorded in Philippines. I am working also in advertising, especially in television getting some commercials and Iíve also done many calendars, like Ford, Aqua Trade, Elit and much more...I come from Czech Republic, a charming country in central Europe, full of nature, culture and surrounded by magic landscapes. Iím a model but I always cared a lot about education and culture, in fact I attended with great results the University of Hradec Kralove (a Czech town located 70 miles from the Prague), and after lot of sacrifices, I graduated and became Informatics Engineer (the same like MSc. In the US) according to my old passion for computers and technology in general. I still consider this as one of the best successes of my life.

Another great satisfaction of my life is given by the long career in the fashion industry that gave and still gives me an unexpectable success that helped my personal and professional growth, trying amazing experiences and reaching technical issues. During all these years working as a model I shot for many beauty editorials and international magazines. I visited so many wonderful towns and places, take something from every trip, every different culture and taste, from every continent of the world.

I have to say that all mentioned successes before gave me a deep inspiration for increasing one of my main passions: the photography. So, during all this years as a model, I learned from high qualified photographers the technics of shooting and it became soon a big passion for me and still fills all my free time. Cats, jewelery, music concerts, and products are in general my favourite subjects to shoot. Learning and day by day trying to represent the reality through my camera, maybe, one day it will turn into my profession :-) So cats and animals are also my big hobbies. I plan to launch a site devoted to cats and also non-profit-making organization with the proceeds going to animal shelters to help stray animals.

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