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What's Your Problem? is a reality show I created and aired on Time Warner and National Lampoon. I trademarked the phrase What's Your Problem? for clothing and entertainment. The television show is an interview style, comical way to solve problems.

I come from a retail back ground, I have a degree in textiles so merchandising the brand is a given for me, plus a lot fun. I always say entertainment is my learned talent, retail/clothing is my natural talent.

I have 5 models including myself on my site www.whatsyourproblemtv.com. I was looking for particular characteristics in the models I chose. My lead male and female models I wanted in their 20's. My line of clothing is fun and youthfull, I youthful college clientele so the leads needed to be models college students can relate to. My female model's wardrobe consisted of a thong and brief so I wanted a model with an athletic body and no cellulite. We are a fun item so I also wanted my female to be able to take direction and have fun. My model did an excellent job. My lead male I wanted to have a good body and great face, which he did. He was also an actor and took direction very well. He too did an excellent job.

The expectations I have for a model is if I am paying you, you must give me what I want. If a model says I can't do something I will get you off the set as soon as I can and never hire them again. You must know how to move and work in front of the camera. My advice practice, practice, practice. Professionals make it look easy because they practice. With Tara Bank's reality show "Top Model" and Heidi Klum's reality show, a model can learn a lot. I highly recommed any one who want's to be a model or is a model to watch these shows.

Thank you so much Janet, for this beautiful interview... New York Best Models

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