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The artistic traditions of tribal cultures and regions.
Pace Primitive

"By accident or through use, each has been transformed from a craftsman's interpretation of an image, following a traditional iconography, to a unique trace of the past. They are parts of a story whose incompleteness embodies the distance between the modern viewer and the art and the impossibility of ever knowing them as they once were. That said, the gaps and lacunae leave space for the viewer's imagination and raise questions that give us all the more reason to look and to dream."

A group of Nigerian figures and masks, 2009 Nigeria show (top) and A large-scale ink drawing by James Siena with three ancestor figures from the Ivory Coast.
Pace Primitive is affiliated with PaceWildenstein and have a 40-year history of exhibiting museum-quality Tribal Art. Pace Primitive is uniquely positioned to do exhibitions that show important artifacts from other cultures along with Modern Art that draws heavily on these sources for inspiration; put on many exhibitions surveying the artistic traditions of tribal cultures and regions, including the Yoruba of Nigeria, the Dogon of Mali, and the Melanesian archipelago of the South Pacific. For further information contact Pace Primitive which is located at 32 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022 www.paceprimitive.com

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