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All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. Poema de las Resonancias
Dr. Jorge Piña

Por percibir las otras resonancias
Repetir internos callados los sentidos
Escribir el no-ser en el ser
Repetir eternamente callados los deseos
Ser y no-ser deseo siendo
Repetir íntimo callado
Ser para-ser por ti siendo
Ser siendo pasión deseo interno
Interno ser del no-ser para-ser
Repetir callado adentro deseo quieto
Mudez invisible del abismo
Astro interno del los sueños
Nocturno inefable de la noche
Madrugada entera por dentro quiero
Repetir callados los sentidos
Intima sedienta ilusión que nos requiere
Repetición callada de los pensamientos
Vago delirio del ser y el no-ser
Repetir callados los deseos
Poema interno íntimo de las resonancias

Dr. Jorge Piña is poet (metapoeta), and psychoanalyst. He was born in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic. For more than 20 years has dedicated to the practice and teaching of psychoanalysis in Santo Domingo and New York. He has worked with young artists, professionals and university scholars for he;ping homeless, people with AIDS and drug addiction, with people suffering from depression, sexual problems and anxieties. In the literature believes in the thesis developed by more than fifteen (15) years "the poem is metalanguage" that founded the Metapoesía international school movement (MIM). Dr. pineapple is the author of five (5) books of Metapoesía: the passion of dreams (pre-Metapoética, 1990), Andrógino Ciego (Metapoesía, 1998) and Metaoníricas (Metapoesía, 1998), Metapoesías (anthology), 2003, and Ars Metaonírica (the manifestos of the Metapoesía), 2003 is his last published work. In Santo Domingo was the first director of the literary "Cesar Vallejo" in the UASD workshop. Co-creator of night Grande with Joel Almonó poetry, the deceased Carlos Gómez Doorly, women poets Aída collective Cartagena Portalatín group Cultural Cacibajagua and in New York of the women writers "Camila Henríquez Ureña" literary workshop. In the United States, he served as director of literature and cinema of the Dominican culture House in New York of the Secretary of State of culture of the Dominican Government, where he created cultural devices CinemaCasa and the PoetiClub. He graduated m.d., graduated in clinical psychology and educational psychology with certificate to mention education philosophy and letters, film and advertising art of the UASD. It has international credits graduate in psychoanalysis and dynamic Psychiatry in West Germany, Berlin and Munich. In New York has completed a Masters in psychoanalytic study of the prestigious New School University. He was student of Jacques Derrida, father of the deconstruction and the postmodernism. It is currently the President of the Dominican CULTURARTE Foundation of New York and was coordinator of the affiliate in Washington Heightes of the clinical mental health in New York. Finally is the co-creator of the first University Center of Washington Heights of the Institute Interboro is Assistant Vice President at Community and Cultural Affairs. Dr. Piña promotes further the initiative University Dominico-Americana (DACI) which seeks to bring students from Dominican Republic to New York to study short careers in the business and technology. For further information please visit www.culturarteny.com

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