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Raised in Washington Heights, New York City, I was influenced by the graffiti movement of the late eighties. Graffiti provided a huge sense creativity and freedom of expression but at the same time was somewhat of a stagnant art form. I felt limited by it's mediums and it's purpose. Through reading in depth of world history and subversive literature, my body of work took on a more social-political perspective. Thinking globally when approaching my work, made it easier for me to communicate across to more minds and address real themes and unsophisticated concerns. The world today provides an abundance of ideas and situations that can be re-examined and depicted through artistry. Art doesn't always have to be derived from the artist' immediate atmosphere. Particularly if that atmosphere isn't culturally vast. I feel that art which reflects and/or questions all aspects of previous and contemporary societies, is the most important not just in the art realm, but in the everyday common world as well.

You can find more info about the artist and his works: at www.carlosarturoarias.com
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