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The Kershner (fan table) from the ReVision Collection made from recycled magazines and junk mail.
Artists For Humanity (AFH)

Reclaimed magazines become colorful table tops when sealed in durable eco-friendly resin. Table legs are steel and come in different configurations. Inspired by a challenge to re-purpose generally “trashed” reading material, AFH youth designers turn paper into geometric strips, and place them strategically into molds: each piece is distinctive in color, pattern and look.

Since 1991, Artists For Humanity has been empowering and employing Boston teens in an intensive program of arts, creativity and enterprise. AFH partners youth in small groups with professional artists/designers to design, create and sell art products. With fully equipped studios in seven artistic media, youth and mentors collaborate on creative projects, many specifically commissioned by clients. In the process, young artists develop entrepreneurial skills, and introduce audiences to the voice, vision and virtuosity of today's youth. The Artists For Humanity model is being disseminated internationally to organizations that utilize our framework of respect, relationships, and responsibility to empower young people in their communities. Partnering with Merida Meridian, Artists For Humanity also holds 2007 American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Building Award and Boston Society of Architects and the City of Boston Harleston Parker Medal finalistan award intended to recognize the "most beautiful" project completed in this region in the last 10 years. For further information contact Artists For Humanity (AFH) which is located at 100 West 2nd. Street, Boston, MA 02127 www.afhboston.com

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