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Curator and director of the Townhouse Art Gallery, Esther Nash, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, the High School of Art and Design, High School Scholarship recipient of art programs of Cooper Union, The National Academy of design, the art Students league, The Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has brought her dreams to fruition in the creation of the Townhouse Art Gallery. This special show will feature her fashion-art works and selected works of new emerging talented artists:

The Townhouse Art Gallery is pleased to present, honor, and exhibit the works of Seasoned Artist, Dorothy Dina Nash, professional NYC licensed teacher of Art (High School) , a native New Yorker, a lover of culture, a graduate of the Fine Arts program of Brooklyn College when it was at its prime, world renown and had a footprint in the New York art scene as far reaching as the Museum Of Modern Art; describes her artwork , “as observations of everyday people throughout life, their different moods, pain, joy, personality and attitudes. Observations of every- day people as they undergo the tribulations of life”. Join us for a very special art reception as we celebrate and debut the great works of Seasoned Artist Dorothy Dina Nash.

The Townhouse Art Gallery is delighted to exhibit the celebrity feature photographs of Red Carpet and private soiree connoisseur Shelly Nash, an international published photographer and poet, dancer and marathon runner. “I seek to capture the excitement of the moment in its purest state. I am enamored with the celebrity looking glass of life and hope to transmit the reflections of stardom.”

Artist: Walter Lynn Mosely holds the greatest admiration for the artists of the past who raised the art of painting to a level of perfection. It is three-dimensional form, atmosphere and light which are my concerns in painting and it is my wish to suggest as much as delineate, in that sense my work reflects a modern sensibilty. I've had the great good fortune to have studied with it Frank Mason, Maynard Stewart, and Thomas Torak. Walter is American Artists Professional League Fellow and has exhibited with the Allied Artists of Ameica, the Audubon Artists, the American Artists Professional League and the Salmagundi Club (all in New York) as well as the Greenhouse Gallery and the American Impressionists Society and was chosen as a participant in the Easton Plein Air Arts Festival.

Artist: Vincent Paul: “Art is Change. Through individual expression, entire cultures are influenced and traditions altered or halted. Since the potential impact of a single piece is boundless, it is important that it be created with love and reason. Through it emotions are expressed, opinions are conveyed and stories are told. I strive to create works of art that are beautiful and meaningful.” He finds satisfaction when he articulates a message and provokes emotion and thought. “Each individual viewer will form their own unique interpretation of a piece” and that, he welcomes. He creates for himself in response to what he sees, hears or feels. Many factors are influential in determining the medium in which he creates a piece. He finds it important to be able to identify the factor before beginning a project, to assure its successful execution. He believes in balance in every aspect to be important in achieving what he set out to do; to positively contribute to the progression of humanity.

Artist: Francesco Orazzini is known as an illustrator more than a real artist. He has taken this way for some reasons. Primarily for myself, discovering my consciousness and my opinions. Than, 'cause I think making visual communication is one of the most important things in this world. We live our life in harness with images and these can be used like a strong weapon, like an advertisement or like its' opposite. I've chosen the opposite. He is a book producer and animator as well. I tell nipping stories and take care as much as possible of the mockery. In this way I talk about the everyday life. I work also with children, maybe the hardest part of my job.

Artist: Carlos Guzman (CG) A native New Yorker from Queens who became interested in photography at a young age. His work ranges from Commercial to Nature/Landscape Photography. Commercial Photography enables him to have total control of the subject, lighting and the creative process behind every shoot. Whereas Nature/Landscape Photography is about capturing the beauty of Planet Earth. He believes that Gaia herself is a magnificent work of art, and that photography is only an instrument that enables him to capture her beauty. Currently, he is working on two ongoing projects, the first one being about the resemblance between dogs and their guardians and the second one being a series of night-sky photographs.

Artist: Whitney Anderson “BIG. Bold. Fierce”. are three words that define her art. She is a self-taught acrylic artist who specializes in portraiture. Having traveled to over 45 countries, she is inspired by faces and people. “To capture the emotion and personality of a face” is one of her most rewarding trademarks. She deals with pop culture and fantasy in which she adds her own little imaginative twists. Her art is fueled by elements such as music, movies, fashion, people, history—each play a big role in her passion to succeed in art.

Artist: Lance Jhonson Is a mixed media artist here in New York. His work is inspired by the great collagist Romare Bearden mixed with aspects of Hip Hop Culture. Lance has done a few shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn thus far. He has a great future ahead of him as a artist.

Artist: Marina Kharkover A native of Mother Russia, Marina Kharkover is a freelance illustrator, fine artist and toy designer currently residing in Queens, NY. She has worked with a number of galleries and print publications. Marina also works as a part-time children's book illustration teacher at 3RDWARD Brooklyn Center for artists,designers, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs. Her art explores the nature of human and creature relationships and is considerably influenced by Russian folklore and African ritualistic art. She believes art should push the ordinary and travel somewhere strangely familiar but simultaneously fantastical.This exhibition features six unique handcut/painted collages that all relate to the occult of the Fairy Tale and the passage of tradition through the scope of time and generations. Marina studied illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Artist: Louis Ebarb paintings capture a moment in time and elevate the everyday to fine art. His canvasses balance select details and sophisticated compositional concepts to create a unique twist on Urban Realism. A resident of Brooklyn and a member of the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb, Louisiana, he mixes his rich cultural heritage with his observations of contemporary New York to create paintings that capture time and place.

Artist: bonnie zeff FEELS blessed to have come from a family of artists. Drawing and painting have been an important part of my life for as long as she can remember. Music is her main influence and greatly effects what and how she paints. Many of my paintings are composed of numerous images layered on top of each other; continuously evolving with the use of different techniques. These are more than just paintings for her, they represent a process; progressive freedom in expressive exploration.

Artist: JIM GENTRY HIS work merges the threads and textures of a sewing machine, with the inks of a manual typewriter. Combining them, He sews the portraits of people, birds, insects, the iconic, and abstractions, then types a repeating phrase patterned around the sewn image. All this work is done on canvas. His art aims to start a conversation with the viewer's inner dialogue by using emotionally charged imagery and words. His inspiration is by observing himself, and others, interact and react to the world.

Artist: Juan Pablo FertittA, an illustrator and graphic artist from Argentina, says he is “pretty obsessed with samurais stories, and japanese art...i decided to mix those elements with this beautifull urban enviroment that is NYC, and his graffitti style.My goal is that everyone that sees my art, get to know a little bit more about samurais ,and their history and way of living.I think we should imitate them,in many aspects"... Artist: demetrios zissiadis is all for absorbing the natures of new people and places and sharing ideas/ artwork.

Artist: Meli Sanfi Orenzo SAYS The streets are her art and imagination. “Life is what we create or imagine it to be. It's symbolic and pure”. She wants to engage the many senses and levels of thought, thereafter express this within her works, her imagination. to be continued always, Visual and Performing Arts

Artist: Alejandro Garcia is a New York based photographer of all trades.While his training began in ballet and other forms of dance and theater, he has always had a passion for capturing moments. His main focal point is fashion photography but he enjoys all forms of capturing light. Alejandro makes an effort to only use real locations as the backdrop to his images. From lakes to mountains and even the dessert his images capture a world of fantasy that seems unreal.

Artist: Rogelio Ronco His work has to do with spirituality, emotion and expressing the essence of female beauty. In this particular piece called "Feline Femininity",the frown and smile represent the two main emotions every person posseses. Both emotions are joined together to form one face, the optimistic side represents the female side while the deep depressing one the male one.The man is dominated by the female in this painting and looks up to Her for happiness. The animal body and female face are merged to show the animal instinct that is love.The colors on the painting have no particular order yet come from my soul and are applied so they flow together just like different musical notes make a pleasant sound.The cross on the top right corner is the best way to show spirituality because as soon as it is seen it is quickly associated with Jesus Christ. He painted the cross because men and women belong to a higher source than themselves but yet are in it together.

Artist: Hannah Jupiter "Is interested in the confluence of the old and new and its deeper relevance in icon subjects such as Christmas, birthdays, and major childhood memories. With these socially cliche subjects She aims to raise questions about desire, longing, and disappointment with which all can identify."

LIVE MUSIC BY KAREN ROCKOWERS: Whales Standing marks Karen Rockower's debut solo effort. Haunting and beautiful, her vocal talents are front and center in this world of creepy lullabies.

The TownHouse Art Gallery is a not for profit 501-C-3 corporation created to provide to all Youth with an opportunity to develop and showcase their art work in a gallery to encourage art both as a career path and as a creative outlet. All types of art mediums presented such as design, fashion, film, photography, video, performance art, sculpture, painting, life drawing, pop art, conceptual art, audio art, and other visual art mediums. Townhouse Art Gallery, located at 46 4th avenue, Brookly NY 11217.
Art Receptions to be held at 501 2nd street Park slope Brooklyn NY 11215. For more information and calendar: www.townhouseartgallery.com

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