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The Townhouse Art Gallery wt. Dorothy Dina Nash
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Curator and director of the Townhouse Art Gallery, Esther Nash, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, the High School of Art and Design, High School Scholarship recipient of art programs of Cooper Union, The National Academy of design, the art Students league, The Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has brought her dreams to fruition in the creation of the Townhouse Art Gallery. This special show will feature her fashion-art works and selected works of new emerging talented artists:

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The Townhouse Art Gallery is pleased to present, honor, and exhibit the works of Seasoned Artist, Dorothy Dina Nash , professional NYC licensed teacher of Art (High School) , a native New Yorker, a lover of culture, a graduate of the Fine Arts program of Brooklyn College when it was at its prime, world renown and had a footprint in the New York art scene as far reaching as the Museum Of Modern Art; describes her artwork , as observations of everyday people throughout life, their different moods, pain, joy, personality and attitudes. Observations of every- day people as they undergo the tribulations of life. Join us for a very special art reception as we celebrate and debut the great works of Seasoned Artist Dorothy Dina Nash.

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The Townhouse Art Gallery is delighted to exhibit the celebrity feature photographs of Red Carpet and private soiree connoisseur Shelly Nash, an international published photographer and poet, dancer and marathon runner. I seek to capture the excitement of the moment in its purest state. I am enamored with the celebrity looking glass of life and hope to transmit the reflections of stardom.

Artist: Walter Lynn Mosely holds the greatest admiration for the artists of the past who raised the art of painting to a level of perfection. It is three-dimensional form, atmosphere and light which are my concerns in painting and it is my wish to suggest as much as delineate, in that sense my work reflects a modern sensibilty. I've had the great good fortune to have studied with it Frank Mason, Maynard Stewart, and Thomas Torak. Walter is American Artists Professional League Fellow and has exhibited with the Allied Artists of Ameica, the Audubon Artists, the American Artists Professional Leauge and the Salmagundi Club (all in New York) as well as the Greenhouse Gallery and the American Impressionists Society and was chosen as a participant in the Easton Plein Air Arts Festival.

Artist: Julie Renee Williams A California native, Julie Renee has been painting and exploring the arts in New York City for five years. She is inspired by the duality of life, changes of light and shadow, rhythm and vibrations, as well as, the changing tides and the consistency of the heartbeat. Julie strives to evoke the senses by creating an energetic ambiance using posterior.

Artist: Juan Pablo Fertitta, an illustrator and graphic artist from Argentina

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The TownHouse Art Gallery is a not for profit 501-C-3 corporation created to provide to all Youth with an opportunity to develop and showcase their art work in a gallery to encourage art both as a career path and as a creative outlet. All types of art mediums presented such as design, fashion, film, photography, video, performance art, sculpture, painting, life drawing, pop art, conceptual art, audio art, and other visual art mediums. Townhouse Art Gallery, located at 46 4th avenue, Brookly NY 11217 . For more information and calendar: www.townhouseartgallery.com

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Artist Image credits: Esther Nash, Dorothy Dina Nash, Juan Pablo Ferittta
Photography credit: Darryl Reece
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