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at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Spring 2010
Esther Nash presented her latest in Rock Star Glam at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Spring 2010: the Esther Nash collection consisted of rock star modern chic looks that would make any woman confidant. Special guest attendees included The Real Housewives Of New York of Bravo TV. Look for the broadcast in upcoming episodes.

How did you decide/choose this collection for the runway?
The collection was inspired by the weather.
Wool punchos lons short with faux fur and real fur and no fur at all. Somthing for everyone. color is a muct have for this collection.

How much time you spent for to bring all the elements together?
I am working 24/7/365

How you chose Fit Models?
I like to have healthy naturally beautiful models wear my designs on the runway

What you expect from Fit Models ?
Only to be the best that they can be.

How you chose runway models as a fashion designer?
What are "Your" criterias?

  • Poise
  •    Grace
  •       Walk
  •         Posture
  •           Attitude
  •             Curtesy
  •                Respect
  •                  Ettiquette
  •                    Dependability
  •                      Proffesionalism
  •                        Ability to adapt and learn quickly

    What do you expect from runway models when they come your castingcall ?
    resume, photo, shoes, presentation, experience (runway)

    How do you prepare models for your runway?
    discussion, coaching with Shelly Nash. Shelly takes the extra time and care to work with each model individually becuase when they look their best we look our best. Its important to be represented well. Shelly usually models in all shows as well, so she knows all the angles and perspectives. She is a Professional Runway model, and my best publicist. Shelly fills all shoes and hats.

    What are do's and don't do's for models, regard to "Your runway show".?
    Don't drink alcohol, use drugs, or binge eat before or after!    Do's drink plenty of water, practice, eat only vegetables week prior to show.

    Lets talk about your business management style too... :-)
    You are very active and do alot of things at the same time.. I believe you are "over multi-tasking"... How you manage your time?

    AT FIT, you cannot graduate unless you have an A in time management and in every class. I am writing a book on the subject, so be on the look out for it as a helpful guide. I keep plenty of lists and have multiple calendars.

    Thank you so much
    New York Best Models

    Spring 2010 BK fashion Weekend NYC
    Images Copyrighted (c) 2009 Shawn Punch Fashion Photography
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