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by Esther Nash

AIPAD Photography (The Association of International Photography and art dealers) Show

Now is a good time to invest not just in your wardrobe but in art work. It was exciting to see new and old photographs through the eyes of such talented photographers. They transported me into the photographs. It felt so real that I believed I was actually a part of the photos themselves. Truth, glamour, landscapes, history, visual expressions. So touching that one should not miss this show next year if they are in NYC. The exhibiters were from all over the world.

I really enjoyed the photographs shot by Thomas Allen represented by the .

Green Expo
The purpose of this Expo was to showcase products in all areas that were environmentally safe. For example, Green Design Furniture harvested from regional woods created with environmentally friendly non-toxic finishes, to produce designs that are attractive and considerate of the next generation. Revision furniture, paid employment in the arts, prevents the starving artist scenario. Utilizing old magazines with organic compound with eco-friendly resin to create tables and conversation pieces. This group also helps to mentor young teenage artists.

Home Design Show
Jeff Soderbergh takes history and rewrites it. This talented artist, with whom I had the pleasure to meet, salvages antiques and gives them secondary purposes and new life. Using different materials, wood, glass, textiles. His pieces have stories.

Kari Elwell Katzander, landscape Designer for MINGO, redefining city spaces, private hideaways with tiny spaces that make any space impressive, walls made of live greenery.

Kokobo Plantscapes exterior and interior garden landscape designs. So beautiful, that I stopped in my tracks at the design show to take a closer look. I met with Michael J. Madarash, CLP President & Principal Designer of the Custom built fantasy that is now a reality for the city or suburb; it is built to fit your needs and tastes. I imagined it to be far more expensive then what was quoted, so it is within everyone's means to have a little luxury.

An Australian design and marketing director, Ivan Hull, showcased handcrafted French oak wine casks. Vey unique and special. Intact with original coopersmith steel handles. Organic wax. Works Created by Australian artists.

The assistant director of Austin Kennedy explained that this gallery is affiliated with Pace Wildenstein, and has a 40-year history of exhibiting museum-quality Tribal Art, uniquely positioned to do exhibitions that show important artifacts from other cultures along with Modern Art that draws heavily on these sources for inspiration. They also put on many exhibitions surveying the artistic traditions of tribal cultures and regions, including the Yoruba of Nigeria, the Dogon of Mali, and the Melanesian archipelago of the South Pacific.

Till next time stay tuned into my column for fashion/art trends and being in the know.

Esther Nash: New York based fashion designer, model, socialite & fashion expert, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. The fashion world's former prodigy is all grown up. At the age of 18, Esther owned and operated her first retail store. At the age of 19, opened a second store, and at the age of 20, opened a third store. By the age of 21, Esther was having her own runway shows, thereby reaching the rank of a young professional designer. Ms. Nash's fashions have been featured on the long running hit HBO series Sex and the City, and her last runway show (she has had over 2 dozen) was notably attended by Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour... You may find about fashion expert/fashion designer Esther Nash at www.esthernash.com for your media&fashion projects as well as personal shoping/styling advice. enashdesigner@gmail.com

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers [AIPAD] was organized in 1979 and represents more than 145 of the world's leading galleries in fine-art photography. With members in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan, the Association has become a unifying force in the field of photography. Acting as the collective voice of the art photography dealers that make up its membership, AIPAD maintains ethical standards, promotes communication within the photographic community, encourages public appreciation of photography as art, concerns itself with the rights of photographers and collectors, and works to enhance the confidence of the public in responsible photography. AIPAD members provide a wide range of services to the public, such as exhibitions, appraisals, expert opinions and consultations. For further information visit www.aipad.com

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