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All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. ART FAIR 2010 NYC, March 7-11
by Esther Nash

THE SCENE: It was cold and pretty nasty but that did not keep away the international collectors that traveled to NYC to purchase art, network, with the press in the mix. Celebrities rose early to be the first to capture the best.

WHAT TO WEAR: Nails: Long is not the look in the art scene. Natural nails clear manicure square or round shape. You have the option of neutral colors or super bright colors. Different but modern.

Shoes: Flats ballet shoes/loafers are a must. Feminine does not mean heels. It means colorful flashy with choices of bows and rhinestones but not necessary. You can have a more conservative look if you wish. Flat soled boots, cowboy boots, biker boots for an edgy look, knee high or thigh high with fur trim or coupled with zippers and chains or just classic lines. The choice is yours to make. High heels are for the after party. Be stylish and sensible when it comes to comfort. You can not have it all. You must compromise sometimes.

Colors: For shoes Brown is the new Black. All different shades of brown are acceptable. The rest of the ensemble should be colorful. Not bland but with excitement, not for a funeral.

Hair: Super short. Red is the new Blonde and Blondes cannot be one shade, streaks are required to look more natural. Platinum blonde is over. Brunettes have honey tinted and frosted shades of brown and red . To remain sophisticated and to be taken seriously in the career world hair should not be longer than Shoulder length. Super long hair to the waste is only okay for mermaids and little girls age 12 and below. Bangs are your ticket if you wish to be hip, stylish and with it. Bangs give a warm, sexy feel instead of straight boring hair parted in the middle. Some waves for a lighter feel or romantic banana curls.

Make up: None required. It is more about what you have to say. Mints and lip gloss is all that you need plus good hygiene. Now you are ready to shop for art.

Accessories: jewelry bulky bracelets, handbags, and chunky belts or chain belts. Silver gem stones are very chic for that over abundance feel for wealth. The bigger the better. Diamonds and rhinestones are for night. Eyeglasses, pocketwatches and shades are good for an added effect. Wear hats all types.

Clothing: It is a whole different look than fashion mags and what you see on the runway. Wearability is key when it comes to an artistic flair. It is difficult to duplicate because the rules have changed as well as the standards. Artists are more accepting not as rigid when it comes to clothes and have a style all their own. Casual and relaxed but studied at the same time with runway attitude. Nothing too tight or sexy. Always cute and stylish with a twist. Throw in a vest or a man’s cap, blazer with boots and an a-line skirt. Opaque stockings in hutter green, leggings, glimmer tights. Plenty of layers. Artists like to be adventurous and it comes across in their clothes. No need diet. Artists feel one size fits all, as long as you dress tastefully.

THE ARMORY SHOW: Showcased galleries both global and local and presented art both classic and emerging. Discussions, tours, receptions, panel talks and performances were held daily. The amount of art to see was overwhelming and I felt as though I needed more time. It was truly splendid!

VOLTA NY 2010: The art work was edgy with political undertones and despair of life mostly from the artists of Berlin who portrayed violence and death in society. One artist, I appreciated the solo presentation from the Cynthia Corbett gallery GHOSTS OF A DREAM , colorful usable artwork created from recycled mirrors, tin cans, lottery cards and romance novels.

VERGE: Emerging Art Fair: The only art fair devoted to emerging artists from seven countries. Very exciting to see the themes and messages spread over seven countries.

PULSENY: The art work varied in style no two pieces were alike or even similar. Very unique variety of work.

Scope New York 2010: featured a range of fashion designers whose work cross-pollinates. A series of installations to exhibit designers and figures in art and fashion.

The Hort family Collection and The Rema Hort Mann Foundation: invited guests, press and celebrities to a private viewing of the Hort family’s private collection and ninth installation showcasing emerging artists. The Susan and Michael Hort have interest in artists working in all disciplines and styles. The Rema Hort Mann foundation offers unrestricted grants to promising artists that require financial support to do further their career and serves as a bedrock of support for individuals suffering from cancer, offering them travel, child care and related expenses for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. Max Protech appeared in person to greet the invited guests, vips and the press to his modern spacious gallery; he offered a catered euro brunch of coffee, tea, juice, lox, cheese danishes, gourmet muffins, and mini breads. The gallery Showcased works by Inigo Mangaloo-Ovalle , which included photos of ice bergs and a fish tank that served both purpose of art and function, based upon a scaled down version of the Mies Van Der Rohe's unbuilt house and the political/biographical art of Ms. Katayoun Vaziri which portrayed views from Palestinians living in Lebabon.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. Paul Zubok Gallery: Offered a continental art brunch complete with mimosas and croissants. Chris Tanner appeared in person to present and discuss his unique artwork created from drift wood, coins, bullets, snake skin, leather, and gem stones in royal colors of yellow, white, purple, and orange which could be displayed any room, lobby, or public meeting hall. It was just beautiful, glamorous and electric.

It was a whirlwind weekend of art, discussion, and meetings of the world. It was also my editorial assistant Shelly Nash’s Birthday which we celebrated in style with the artists and Vips of the art scene.

Stay tuned into my column for the latest tips and trends in the art and fashion world. It is important to remain well-rounded.

Esther Nash: New York based fashion designer, model, socialite & fashion expert, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. The fashion world's former prodigy is all grown up. At the age of 18, Esther owned and operated her first retail store. At the age of 19, opened a second store, and at the age of 20, opened a third store. By the age of 21, Esther was having her own runway shows, thereby reaching the rank of a young professional designer. Ms. Nash's fashions have been featured on the long running hit HBO series Sex and the City, and her last runway show (she has had over 2 dozen) was notably attended by Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour...
You may find about fashion expert/fashion designer Esther Nash at www.esthernash.com for your media&fashion projects as well as personal shoping/styling advice. enashdesigner@gmail.com

"Histories" 2008, Katayoun Vaziri

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