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Esther Nash, a New York based fashion designer, model, socialite & fashion expert, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. The fashion world's former prodigy is all grown up. At the age of 18, Esther owned and operated her first retail store. At the age of 19, opened a second store, and at the age of 20, opened a third store. By the age of 21, Esther was having her own runway shows, thereby reaching the rank of a young professional designer. Esther is a 3rd generation New Yorker and a graduate of the most prestigous, accredited Art and Fashion school of New York City coupled with a good family background.
Ms. Nash's fashions have been featured on the long running hit HBO series Sex and the City, and her last runway show (she has had over 2 dozen) was notably attended by Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. In this industry, it is the entire package that makes someone marketable. Personality plays a huge part and Esther Nash exudes character, creativity, professionalism and a positive attitude. Esther Nash has recently signed with a top 10 modeling agency as a celebrity artist. She is making regular TV appearances as a fashion expert and commentator.

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